I finally have a touchscreen phone (Verizon iPhone 4 — I like a phone to also be a PHONE, silly me), and have the super-cool app, Instagram. It takes retro-looking photos, but digitally.

Here’s a few I had fun with.

Check out the app in the app store, or at

BTW, like most folks, a super-busy life led to ending the 365…heck, I had a STROKE in the middle of it. So I will just post cool pix when I can!

365 – Day 6

Had a stroke, now I’m back at it.

I was wondering what would happen if I marched hand over hand WHILE the scanner was scanning. Here’s the result. Interesting if anything, may investigate it again when I replace my real scanner….

365 – Day 5

You may notice the days aren’t sequential. I don’t feel like filling up a year with phots of me busy at my desk, not in a creative mode, so these are only days when I actually took something. I will either stop in a calendar year or after 365 days of actually shooting. 🙂

I suddenly got pulled up for a panel on what the gaming industry wants from educators/students. The panel went on for a while, then I saw this.

Secret speaker info! Also changed at 1 minute, told us to wrap up.

365 – Day 4

Shoot with Austin guitarist and Cover Girl (and like three other bands) member, Kristen Hall. She was super nice and a great subject!

365 – Day 3

Posting on the 4th, because I was in San Antonio on the 3rd.

Just some snapshots. Some of the family met some of the rest of the family. And all of us met margaritas and/or beer.

365 – Day 2

Okay, today I read about pinhole cameras, and considered buying a Lensbaby kit for one.

Then I thought, I have a Lensbaby, cardboard, and tape…..

Dig it.

Does it work like a pinhole camera? Well, it does all right… might actually get something that easily attaches later, but…..

It was fun anyway…

Tom’s 365 Photos in a Year

After reading how Tasra Dawson was inspired to improve her photography by Scott Bourne’s challenge, I decided to do it myself.

Starting on April 1st.

Since any post on April 1st would not be taken seriously, I have saved the images I took yesterday for today.

What’s the challenge?

Scott Bourne’s Challenge

The result: improve my photography 300%.

The actions:
• Take at least 1 photo every day.
• Read at least 1 page in my camera manual every day.
• View other professional images every day.

My manuals are packed right now, so I read up on Cartier-Bresson yesterday a bit. At least it was something.

Here are the images from day one.