Monthly Archives: April 2008

The Photo Blog Begins

Photo by Billy Browning

Hi. I’m Tom.  I love photography. If you’re here, you probably do too.

Since I run the Austin Flickr meet-ups, I bump into a lot of folks wanting to move beyond snapshots and take better photos. They’re looking for links, books, tips, and so on to set them on the path to better photography.

Now, though I’ve done some paying gigs, I’m not a professional photographer. But I have learned enough to get good and sometimes great photos, and there’s a lot to learn to get to that point.  I do like sharing information with folks, because I had great information shared with me.  A friend who got me to teach a semester of college revealed he was a photo teacher.  His few assignments finally got through my skull what composition was all about.  That changed my photography forever.

So here’s hoping I can pass on what I’ve learned to others. I’ll include his assignments on this page, and if you keep repeating them, you may finally learn to “see” photographically.  Once you do, it’s really exciting.  You will have the power to take someone’s favorite photo — and then you’ll be hooked!

So welcome, and here’s to learning about photography together.