Hello Again

Haven’t posted for awhile. Always feel too busy, but I’ve decided to start shooting — and posting — more regularly.

However, I have to play some catch-up.

This is from a headshot shoot I did for an actress moving to L.A.

It’s not my typical monochrome or low-saturation work, but unless you are doing something specific, you need a general headshot.

Jen on Green

Jen on Green

Quite a few shoots to catch up on… then we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of just shooting…. but getting a Canon G10 has gotten me inspired to just play. I don’t have to get stellar images all the time, but just “moodle” (moodling is creative play without goals or deadlines, allowing you to just explore freely — kids are permanently in that mode).

So here’s a couple of shots. Not stellar, but fun. But I am PLAYing.

I heartily recommend it.Eyeglasses


Okay, Finally!

For some reason, my Slideshow Pro gallery wouldn’t work, so I tried another one.

Hope you enjoy the images!

Tom’s Photo Site

Excuse the Downtime

My normal site is down for renovation, so here’s my blog.

New and tasty flash goodness coming soon!

Dancer Sarah

Sarah in Air
Loved this shoot. The only problem with dancers is they always pose well, so you get so many great images! I guess that’s a great problem to have!

Now I just need time to edit…






A New Direction


“I asked her to think of something sad…and she did”

Encouraged by my lovely and amazing wife, Terri, I am continuing on the journey toward what a really like to shoot.



Getting away from the typical studio feel, I am now exploring the moody portrait, something more moody and expressive, emotive and interesting.

I’m really liking this stuff. It gets to what I like to say: Art is communication, good art is emotional communication.

Bye, Mikey!

A cool guy and great photographer, Mike Travis is leaving Austin for the colder climes of Chicago!

Best wishes on your new adventure, Mikey, and may the road rise to meet your feet.