Monthly Archives: July 2008

Recent Shoot

Here’s a couple images from my recent shoot with Austin model and photographer Cameron.


What I Want to Shoot

I am learning there are two kinds of photos: what someone else wants you to shoot, and what you want to shoot.

Seems simple, but it is easy to get sucked into what someone else wants you to shoot.

As you are getting your photographic chops (and I still am), lots of friends and family will want photos.  This is great, because now you have free models!  However, most folks want straight simple portraiture, which is STILL GREAT, because that’s good practice.  Also, you get good with Photoshop, learning the Heal tool and Clone tool to fix up the odd blemish here or there. AND THEY LOVE THEM!  It’s great to have your photos loved!  Addictive shall we say.

I work with a local lighting group, Strobist Austin, and we are learning lighting with off-camera flashes.  It helps you mimic studio light, but you have to carry less gear around.  It is GREAT!  We shoot with the loveliest and handsomest models in Austin.  Learning lighting is a long road, and we’ve all made great strides.  And the models LOVE our WORK!  They contact us for more work!  Imagine the thrill, the coolness, the bragging rights of models calling YOU for photos!

The thing is, models want commercial work.  They want images right out of a magazine.  Color.  Bold. Glamorous.  Which is GREAT!  Here’s some more images!

But recently, I’ve looked back at my recent photography, and it’s not what I love.  Sure, some of them are really good photos.  I’ve had a few “avatar” images the model uses, the one they use to represent themselves.  Which is great!  But the image is not what I LOVE.

I’m one of your sepia / B&W artsy type photographers. Classical images. Pictorialist.  Or grainy B&W fashion.  The stuff you would see in B&W magazine, Interview magazine, that kind of thing.

Models don’t mind one or two of these images, but really, this is not what they want.

But it is what I want… so as I continue learning lighting, I will get them some cool images.  But I will make sure I take some for me.  And as I represent myself, I will represent myself with the work I love.

Because that’s what makes me happy.